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they called me the door to eden


Name: Szeraphin

Age: 19
Location: Maine
Sex: Boy
Dating status (pics?) : No :(

Who promoted to you? User name please. : Nobody

3 Random Facts about yourself.
01. I got accepted to college but didn't go...
02. I have kept a journal continuously since I was 6.
03. I can cook mad vegan sloppy joes.

3 Favorite Bands/Artists:
01. Tweaker (side project of an ex-NIN member)
02. Scissor Sisters
03. Mother Mary Morphine, my best friend's solo project

3 favorite TV Shows:
01. I hate tv.

3 Favorite Movies:
01. Hedwig & the Angry Inch
02. Velvet Goldmine
03. Poison (a Todd Haynes art/noir drama)

3 Favorite Books
01. The Kin of Ata (fabulous book and not well known at all)
02. PoMoSexuals (Anthology of short stories on post-modern sexuality)
03. That's Revolting!

Opinions. Be honest.
Teen magazines provoking negative body image: Are a way to make money off the insecurity of teenagers.

Government: An unnecessary evil. I am an anarchist.
No dating a friend’s ex: If it would hurt your friend, I suppose that would be a poor idea.
Drinking age: I am not for excessive drinking, but law has no business in our lives, especially in such petty matters. Eliminate the drinking age. Lowering it to 18, the age at which one can be sent to war, vote, or smoke would be a good first step. I am 19, hold an adult's job, support myself, and vote. I consider it insulting that I cannot have a glass of wine with dinner while out to eat.
Fear equals popularity: I have no idea what that means.

Burn Book. Be mean or get out. Be original. We all know that Trump’s hair is ugly. Make it fresh.
Jesse McCartney: I have no idea who that is. He sounds like he'd be another blond preteen idol on the cover of pop trash mags like "M!" Tell me I'm wrong.
Britney Spears: If there is anyone not worth actually discussing who is nonetheless discussed constantly, its Britney Spears. "Virginal" pedophile-fantasy jailbait teen idol turned "grown-up" hypersexualized psuedo-bisexual whoregoddess turned celebrity mom with book deal. Next!
Donald Trump: A rich, white, straight man is nothing new for America; what makes him distinctly 21st century is that he's a rich, white, straight man who someone thought was interesting enough to give his own reality television show. What is sad is that people actually watched it.
Your worst enemy (Picture if available): No, I don't have a picture. He envisioned himself as some kind of crimethinc-styled anarcho-freedom-fighter, but was really just a teenaged boy with too much testosterone and badly done tattoos who would just as happily have been a member of Hitler Youth if he'd been born in a different time and place.
An ex : He was one of those boys who intrigues you because you think his extreme shyness and notebook scribblings mean he's a deep, sensitive poet-genius, but it turns out that he's just not very smart and potentially frighteningly sociopathic. You of course find this out after dating him for upwards of a year. Ah, first love.

Convince Us:
What Does Your User Name Mean: "Fey" means fairy, but also has the root "fire" and can be taken to mean "about to burst into flame." A seraph is, biblically, the highest of the nine orders of angels. A seraph has three pairs of wings, one to hold them up, one to cover their genitals, and one to cover their eyes, for even they may not look directly at God. So taken together it means something like, "fire fairy."
Make Us Laugh: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Can We Trust That You'll Be Active: Sure. I'm recovering from surgery at my parent's house and I have nothing else to do.
Will You Promote Us Again: Everywhere! Anywhere!
Make us a promotional banner (you don’t need mad skills just anything): Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Promote us in 3 places. Promotion communities don’t count. Show us the links.

5-10 Pictures that are CLEAR and SHOW YOUR FACE mmk?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Any last words? No ma'am.

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