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Name: </b> Sophia
<b>Age:</b> 13
<b>Location: </b> Spring Lake, Michigan
<b>Sex: </b> female
<b>Dating status (pics?) : </b> "together" 

<b>Who promoted to you? </b> User name please. : no one?
<b>3 Random Facts about yourself. </b>
01. im bilingual
02. ive jumped off a waterfall naked.. haha
03. i have 5 siblings

<b>3 Favorite Bands/Artists: </b>
02. Eminem
03. Jessica Andrews

<b>3 favorite TV Shows: </b>
01. The OC
02. Will and Grace
03. Americas Next Top Model

<b>3 Favorite Movies: </b>
01. Mean Girls
02. zoolander
03. Pirates of the Carribean

<b>3 Favorite Books </b>
01. Harry Potter series
02. Gossip Girls
03. in  my hands

<b>Opinions. Be honest.
Teen magazines provoking negative body image:</b> I think its wrong to portray the wrong body images in magazines that teenagers read but it's there magazine to publish so if you don't like it i dont think you should read it, however that doesn't mean i agree with it.
<b>Government: </b> Republic although i don't support bush's views
<b>No dating a friend’s ex: </b> If your friend is okay with it, then i dont see a problem
<b>Drinking age: </b> i think drinking age is too old i think you should be able to drink at age 14 as long as you dont over board
<b>Fear equals popularity: </b> what?

<b>Burn Book. </b> Be mean or get out. Be original. We all know that Trump’s hair is ugly. Make it fresh.
<b>Jesse McCartney: </b> I still dont know if that's a boy or girl.
<b>Britney Spears: </b> I met this guy from the trailer park the other day, i think she'd like him..
<b>Donald Trump: </b> Where does his hairline start?
<b>Your worst enemy (Picture if available): </b>
<b>An ex </b>: Lets just say Peewie Herman has nothing on him.

^ sorry im not really good at those things.. lol
<b>Convince Us: </b>
<b>What Does Your User Name Mean: </b> Alana is my middle name and its my grandmas middle name and she just passed away so it's kind of in her memory
<b>Make Us Laugh: </b> My friend and me were infront of the class presenting our project and she had on these really tight pants and she bent over to pick up a pencil or something and her pants split and she wasn't wearing underwear.. yea
<b>Can We Trust That You'll Be Active: </b> yeah i update three to four times a week
<b>Will You Promote Us Again: </b> for sure

<b>Make us a promotional banner (you don’t need made skills just anything): </b>

<b>Promote us in 3 places. Promotion communities don’t count. Show us the links. </b>

<b>4+ Pictures that are CLEAR and SHOW YOUR FACE mmk? </b>

 just for the record i totally did not pose for the pic, my sis just randomly took it.. lol

<b>Any last words? </b> sorry im just gettin the hang of this live journal stuff :-/!! i really tried to do the application. I'm an active member so you should let me join! haha


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