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Ok. So it wasn't THAT important but I figured with a good headline I'd make you right click. So as dumb as this may be, it's sorta like a mini ice-breaker. I filled mine out and hey-copy, paste, and post your answers. :)


TEN random things about me.
1. I'd give anything to be in love again.
2. I re-write my notes from class because I'm such a perfectionist.
3. My favorite color is pink.
4. I'm the most self conscious person you'll ever meet.
5. I'm the biggest bitch EVER.
6. I'm a terrible girlfriend.
7. I'd kill to be back in High School.
8. I bite my lip when I'm nervous or anxious.
9. I want three kids, all girls.
10. I'm a tease.

NINE ways to win my heart.
2. Kiss my forehead.
3. Act yourself around your friends.
4. Don't bug me about not making eye contact when I talk.
5. Give me SPACE.
6. Make me trust you.
7. Don't take my shit and stick up for yourself.
8. Cuddle with me.
9. Listen when I talk!

EIGHT things that get me mad (or annoyed/paranoid/frustrated).
1. People that get too attached/fall in love too quickly.
2. When you can hear people chewing.
3. When people jump into a conversation clueless as to what is being talked about.
4. Getting rear-ended and having your car fucked up.

5. Feeling sick after drinking.
7. Paying bills.

SEVEN things I believe in.
1. Love.
2. My best friend.
3. My family.
4. Miracles.
5. Happiness.
6. Controling your own destiny.
7. After life.

SIX of my fave items in my room.
1. All the pictures of me and Danielle.
2. All my jeweltry.
3. My bed.
4. My Bob Marley poster.
5. My closet.
6. My t.v

FIVE things I'm afraid of.
1. Not graduating college.
2. Never finding my "soul mate".
3. Not finding a job that makes me happy.
4. Losing my family/friends.
5. Not making something of myself.

FOUR things I want to do before I die.
1. Fall head over heels in love.
2. Have kids, three girls.
3. Have a successful career.
4. Be happy.

THREE things I do everyday.
1. Drive my car.
2. Talk on my cell phone.
3. Hang out with Danielle.

TWO things I need to do right now.
1. To have a certain someone call me.
2. Smoke a cigarette.

ONE person I want to see right now.
1. He's clueless.

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